Your will is an essential legal document, so you want to make sure that it is thorough and properly designed. Missing an element in your will could leave your assets in a precarious position and make things more difficult for your heirs. 

Here are a few things you need to make sure you include in your will if you want to help your family avoid probate when they are dividing your estate.

Who Gets What

It may be the most obvious thing, but you still don’t want to forget who you are leaving which items to. If there is any confusion about who gets what in your will, it can lead to a lengthy probate process. Your will should include a thorough accounting of all of your assets and who will receive them. 

This portion is essential for making the transition as easy as possible and avoiding the bureaucracy of the probate process. Each of the items you include in your will should be assigned to a specific person or group.

How You Want to Be Remembered

Your will is also a great opportunity for you to outline how you want to be remembered and what you want your family to do to celebrate your life. There are many options available, so make sure you direct your family toward the things you want to do. Do your research so you understand the differences between the different kinds of ceremonies. 

For example, unlike a funeral, a memorial service is conducted without a casket. You should also discuss your wishes with your family, so they know what to expect and how to best meet your needs after your death.

Who Will Care for Your Children

If you still have children at home, you need to make sure that your will includes their caretakers. Including this step will help to protect your children and make sure they are cared for by the right people. You should think carefully about who you want to care for your children and what you want that arrangement to look like. You should also check in with the guardians you are planning to choose, so you can make sure that they are up for the idea of taking care of your children long-term.

Your will is necessary for making sure that your assets and family members are properly taken care of. Many people choose to put off writing their will, but this can lead to serious issues when the unexpected happens. Take time to write your will now, and make sure that you include the most important details along the way.

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