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Does your company have the right business insurance protection in Medina?

You work hard running your business.  Let us help make sure it’s properly insured.

Starting and maintaining a business in Medina or any other city is an on-going challenge.  The last thing you want is for some unforeseen incident to derail your progress and end up costing you when it could have been prevented.

Getting to know you and your business is an integral part of our approach to our fellow Medina business owners. By establishing a solid relationship, don’t just sell you a product and send you on your way. We routinely review your coverages and will reach out to advise you on factors that may increase premiums or further your exposure.

What are some of the benefits of Business Insurance?

  • Protect your company vehicles
  • Coverage in the event someone is hurt on your property
  • Protection in the event of someone being hurt on the job
  • Protection again CyberCrime/Data Breaches
  • Insurance coverage again “work mistakes”

How hard is it to get Business Insurance?

The Lazor Agency staff makes shopping for business insurance easy.  The most efficient process is to set up an appointment with you to discuss what your business does.  Once completed, we can sit down and review what business insurance policies are best for you.

Which Commercial Insurance products should I have?

Every business is different and there are many different commercial insurance products.  That is why it’s important to be thorough and ask you specific questions tailored to gain a solid understanding of you, your company and how you operate.  We then shop multiple insurance carriers to find the business insurance products that meet your company’s needs at competitive rates.

Get a comprehesive life insurance quote from the Lazor Agency in Medina

Here’s a sample of some of the business industries we insure in Medina, Ohio

Professional Offices
Commercial Building Property
Apartment Owners
Self Storage

Retail Stores
Liquor Stores
Medical Professional
General Repair Shops
Auto Body Shops

Why should you talk to us about
business Insurance options in Medina?

  1. We work with many business specific insurance carriers nationwide.
  2. We sell business insurance products, but we work for you.
  3. we have no allegiances to any one insurance company.
  4. we take the time to know you to correctly assess your insurance needs.

Work with an insurance agency that has been providing solid business insurance  guidance to the medina community for over 30 years.

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Different types of business insurance products

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have on or more business vehicles, such as delivery trucks or other types of commercial vehicles, commercial auto insurance covers you for accidents, injuries, and other incidents that can put those investments at risk.

Commercial Property Insurance

While business liability policies should cover situations like robbery, fire, or vandalism, it may not be enough to cover extensive damage.  Commercial property insurance is a specific type of business insurance giving the building and the contents inside extended coverage.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber insurance provides specific coverages as it relates to cyber hacks or data breaches where private customer information like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or other sensitive data is exposed.  We live in an electronic world and unfortunately, there is a growing need for this type of protection and it is not typically included in your General Liability policy.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability is basic commercial coverage that every company must-have.  It protects you, your business, and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage as you operate on a daily bases.  These policies generally  cover the expense of legal fees, settlements, litigation that results from an accident or loss.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This is another specific coverage that gives your business an additional level of protection in the event of a catastrophic event like a customer tripping over an extension cord at your retail store and hitting their head on the counter causing a traumatic brain injury. Umbrella insurance would kick in after your liability limits were reached instead of you having to go into your own pocket.

Professional Liability Insurance

If your business provides non-tangible type services like an Attorney or IT Professional you should connect with us to make sure you properly covered by Professional Liability Insurance. As a “professional” you’re expected to have a certain level of training in your industry or field. If a mistake was made by your company or agreed deliverables were not met that resulted in loss for a client they could bring legal action against you. This type of insurance will cover cost you may incur like attorney fees to defend yourself against these types of situations.

Workers Compensation Insurance

As safe as you may operate, accidents happen on the job. If you have one or more employees working for you, the State of Ohio requires you to carry an insurance policy to safeguard you against lost wages and medical costs resulting from an employee work-related injury or illness. Workers comp insurance is priced based on risk. So a company that operates heavy machinery will likely pay a higher premium vs. a company where people sit at a desk all day.

Farm Insurance

Farm and ranch insurance policies offer coverages for equipment, livestock, and structures for a broad range farms from small rural acreages to traditional production farms to the largest farms with commercial exposures.