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Do you need health insurance in Medina?

You and your family are too important to not have health coverage

According to the US Census Bureau, 8.6% or 28 million people did not have any type of health insurance coverage in 2020.  Many don’t have coverage because they’ve lost their job or maybe don’t work enough hours to qualify.  Others aren’t insured because they believe they just can’t afford it.

Depending on your situation and needs, we will search to help find a plan to fit your budget with one of the many healthcare insurance carriers we work with. A Licensed Lazor Agency customer service agent will help you understand what options are available.

Health insurance plans range from a wide array of coverage options to high deductible and catastrophic plans that have fewer options but still provide medical coverage with limited out-of-pocket expense to protect you against going into the poor house should a major medical event happen to you or your family.

Healthcare is constantly changing and we are always evaluating new plans and providers. As an independent insurance agency, we have the luxury of shopping our network of insurance carriers to get the health coverage you need at the most competitive rates.

So if you’re in need of health insurance coverage for you and your family, call or fill out the quick form below.

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do you need health insurance? There are few different plans.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

An HMO provides health services through a network of healthcare providers and facilities.  Typically, these plans offer adequate healthcare coverage and lower premiums. But higher deductibles and/or copays and coverage is limited to doctors in their network. 

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)

PPOs are similar to HMOs but give you a little bit more freedom to choose your health provider.  Where HMOs offer no coverage or out-of-network doctors, PPOs allow you to go outside of the network and have some of the cost covered.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

Like PPOs, you have more options for health care providers, but the provider must be in-network.  EPO premiums are lower, but there is zero coverage for providers outside of their network with the exception of emergency services. 

Point-of-Service Plan (POS)

POS plans are a bit of a hybrid between HMO and PPO.  You have more options for healthcare providers than an HMO, you can go out-of-network, but if you’ll need a referral from your primary care physician and you’ll have to pay for OON providers then submit a claim to be reiumbursed.

Catastrophic Plan

Because most people under the age of 30 have less health issues, they may option for a HDHP plan because the cost is much lower than the other plans.  It usually allows for free preventative care and a limited number of primary care visits before the deductible applies,  but you have to meet a high deductible before your medical costs are covered.

High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

Like a catastrophic plan, you might be able to get lower-priced health insurance coverage with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). You will have higher out-of-pocket costs, but you also have the option of having a Health Savings Account (HSA) which allows you to put a limited amount of tax-free money into an account for the exclusive use of medical costs.  Once the deductible is met in a given year,  the plan will pay 100% of your medical costs.