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Does your homeowners insurance coverage actually cover your home in Medina?

Let us provide you with a unbiased home insurance policy audit.

Like most of us, our home is your most valuable asset.  When your home is damaged or destroyed, the last words you want to hear is “I’m sorry, that’s not covered.”  For this reason alone, it is critical to understand what a homeowners insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t

A Licensed Lazor Agency customer service agent is here to help you understand home insurance.  Every family is different.  It’s important to listen closely in order to provide a Homeowners policy that provides adequate coverage in the event your home or it’s contents are damaged or destroyed.

We painstakingly review the evaluation process with the goal that when damage occurs to your home or property there are no surprises and your claim gets settled quickly and easily.

Homeowner’s insurance policies are not equal my any means.  Levels of coverage, endorsements, and riders have varying conditions and limitations.

Because the Lazor Agency is an independent insurance agency, we can help you find the home insurance product that works for you through our network of insurance carriers to you the right coverages at competitive rates.

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Why should you talk to us about
Homeowners Insurance options in Medina?

  1. We work with many of the top-rated insurance carriers nationwide.
  2. our agency represents insurance companies, but we work for you.
  3. the best homeowners insurance carrier is the one that fits your needs.
  4. listening and learning about  our clients builds trust.

Work with an insurance agency that has been providing solid homeowners insurance guidance to the medina community for over 30 years.

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Common house insurance coverage you may see in an home policy


Coverage that protects the structure of the home (roof, walls, wall-to-wall carpeting, etc.)

Other Structures

Coverage for sheds, detached garages and other structures not connected to the main dwelling itself

Personal Property

Coverage for personal items (clothing, furniture, appliances, computers, etc.) on and off the premises

Loss of Use

Coverage for when an insured has to move out of the home while repairs are made as a result of damage caused by a covered loss

Medical Expense

This covers guests if they are injured on your property resulting in the need for medical care.

Family/Personal Liability

This coverage is in case you’re to blame for someone who was injured or their property was damaged.  Similar to Auto Insurance liability coverages, it’s important to have the appropriate liability coverage limits.  Personal liability coverage should be high enough to protect your assets if you are sued.

Scheduled Personal Property

In certain instances, you may want additional insurance for valuables, jewelry, vintage collections or other expensive items.