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We are a society of car lovers.  Unfortunately, we’re also a society of distracted drivers which means the chances of you being involved in an accident are pretty high.  And don’t forget all those drivers who seem to forget how to drive when that first snowfall hits northeast Ohio.  Each time we drive our vehicles we put ourselves at risk.

Not having the the proper coverage in your auto policy could be catastrophic and life altering.

A Licensed Lazor Agency customer service agent is here to help you understand car insurance.  What you may or may not need and what they may or may not cover. We’re here to help make sure you have the right coverage and match you with the carrier best suited for how you live.

It’s important to understand that insurance policies differ by company.  Levels of coverage, endorsements, and riders have different conditions and limitations.

Fortunately we’ve been doing auto insurance for a while and because the Lazor Agency is an independent insurance agency, we can help you find the vehicle insurance product that works for you through our network of insurance carriers to get you the right coverages at competitive rates.

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  4. we take the time to know you to correctly assess your insurance needs.

Work with an insurance agency that has been providing solid insurance and financial guidance to  the medina community for over 30 years.

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Common auto insurance coverages you will see in an auto policy

Liability Coverage

The State of Ohio requires every driver has liability coverage, also known as “property damage/bodily injury.” It can help cover expenses from damaging a vehicle to injuring a person in an accident.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage can help pay for damage to your car after an accident involving another vehicle or a fixed object like a tree or a guard rail.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Known also as full coverage auto insurance, comprehensive coverage can help pay for damage to your car from vandalism, weather events and accidents involving animals.

Property Damage

This is the part of the policy that will pay if you damage someone else’s property.  So if you were to accidentally drive into your buddy’s front window, this will cover you.

Uninsured/Under-Insured motorist insurance

This coverage helps protect you and your vehicle from uninsured drivers and hit-and-run accidents or from drivers who do not have enough insurance to cover the cost of the accident.

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage protects you financially should you injure someone else in an accident.  It pays that other party for their medical bills and related expenses.  A major accident were to happen resulting in hospitalization or death, state minimum coverage will only cover a small portion which could leave you with some hefty bills.

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