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Your beautiful home being covered by insurance is a given. You know being well insured is critical to the health of your home. But are you well insured? Is everything covered that you need in your area? What are things you need to consider when choosing health insurance?

What is Covered

When it comes to dealing with coverage, your first goal is to understand exactly what is being covered. You need to know if your home is covered from roof to foundation. Reading through your policy helps you know specifically what is covered and how much coverage is involved. Your possessions should be covered as well as the structure of the home. You need to know what your liability is if someone is injured on your property, as well.

Who is Accountable for Damage

If you have damage that occurs to your home, it can be important to also know who is accountable for repairs. You shouldn’t hire contractors before speaking with your insurer. Managed repair programs allow the insurance company to require you to use certain contractors that they already have relationships with rather than the best company. This can be a problem if you hire contractors in advance, and become liable for the cost of repairs yourself.

Extras are Extra

If you need extras due to circumstances in your region, it’s important to check and make sure you get that extra coverage. Do you have a great deal of electronic equipment? Do you live on a flood plain? Do you need extra coverage for storms or blizzards?  It’s a much better idea to check in advance and make sure that your home is fully covered than to have a flood and find out that your home needed additional insurance. Your local housing offices will have flood plain information, which might be available online as well. 

Your home is a reflection of yourself, and all of your possessions, the people within it, the colors of walls, and all things within and without it are reflections of your good taste and careful selection. Your home insurance should reflect that and show the carefulness you display in everything else. You hope your family will never notice this particular amount of care in protecting them, but in case they ever need to, they will be particularly grateful.

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